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Birthday Bingo Winners

Birthday Bingo Winners-March 2017
1st-Brendan Hall-West Plains
2nd-Clayton Murphy-Birch Tree
3rd-Jesse Schultz-Thayer
6th-Hunter Mills-Mammoth Spring
7th-Ashton Simpson-Mammoth Spring
8th-Robbie Bennett-Mammoth Spring
9th-Krysta Crawford-Mammoth Spring
10th-Coleen Snethern-Thayer
13th-Rainna Minter-Mammoth Spring
14th-Stacey Howell-Thomasville
15th-Tracey Fisk-Bebe
16th-Cierra Henry-Mammoth Spring
17th-Marcus Cochran-West Plains
20th-Christina Tune-Williford
21st-Caroline Sutherland-Thayer
22nd-Kelsie VonAllmon-Alton
23rd-Charles Sweeny-Alton
24th-Austin Cordery-Thayer

Spring Gospel Concert April 29th- Thayer School featuring Mark Trammell Quartet

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