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Glass Sword/Harps Birthday Bingo winners for August 2014

August 1-Tyler Mullins-MS
August 4-Darlene Coins-Crews-Rover
August 5-Kalon Honeycutte-Alton
August 6-Alexander Mercer-Alton
August 7-Ashley Cancino-M. Spring
August 8-Linda Presley-Poplar Bluff
August 11-Jeremiah Ingram-Gatewood
August 12-Roger Shaw-Thomasville
August 13-Jade Underwood-Thayer
August 14-Kayla Wallace-H.  Bend
August 15-Kay Elliott-Birch Tree
August 18-Clair Cosby-Glencoe Ar.
August 19-Jordan Gower-Thayer
August 20-Kylie Hedden-Thayer
August 21-Missy Jo Johnson-Alton
August 22-Lori Nall-Nixa
August 25-Daniel Blades-West Plains
August 26-Mathew Robertson-Thayer
August 27-Euraina Walling-Thayer
August 28-Gabriel Smith-Couch
August 29-Megan Pollack-Hardy

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Mike Crase Bio

I was born a long time ago, so they tell me, I don’t remember it much, but it was in Centerville Ill.  I spent most of my childhood growing up in the St Louis area and graduated from Cahokia High School in 1979. After a failed year in college, I married Nina McKenzie. We are still married and have three children, Michael Jr, Jessica and Adam. We moved to Thayer in 1981 and began working in Radio at KALM/KAMS. After 30 years of doing various jobs such as night time joc, News Director, Sales, and Program Director, I settled into an on-air position now.  Aside from daytime duties as the host of the “Redbone Show”, I also do sports play-by-play and produce and co-host the Bloodline Outdoors Radio Show with Alex Rutledge, which currently airs on 5 different stations including K-Kountry 95 on Saturdays at 9:00 AM.  In my spare time, I like to cook on the Grill, hunt, and watch sports. Join me on the Redbone Show from 11-2 Monday through Friday on KKountry 95.

Current Time:  05:18am, 08/31/14