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Mike Roberston
6pm - midnight

Circle C Birthday Bingo

   WINNERS for -Nov. 2015
Nov. 2-Ben Wheeler-Thayer
Nov. 3-Jaclyn Norberg-West Plains
Nov. 4-Christina Blevins-West Plains
Nov. 5-Daniel Tyson-Mammoth Spring
Nov. 6-Abbey Garrison-Myrtle
Nov. 9-Ron Campbell-Alton
Nov. 10-Lori Holesapple-West Plains
Nov. 11-Tobias Tilman-Thayer
Nov. 12-Rick Johnson- West Plains
Nov. 13-Riley Barton-Alton
Nov. 16 Gracen Woods-Gatewood
Nov. 17-Amber Smith-Mammoth Spring
Nov. 18-Hurley Cowen-Fryatt
Nov 19-Calli Watts-West Plains
Nov 20-Hannah Wigger-Rover
Nov. 23-Jeff Lovan-Willow Springs
Nov. 24-Jeanete Shockey-West Plains
Niov. 25-Giva Deckard-Alton
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Mike Robertson

I’m Mike Robertson, News and Program director for K-Kountry 95 and AM1290 The Gift, you will also hear me doing Play-by-Play Basketball on K-Kountry 95 and I host your Hour of information on AM1290 the gift. I have worked for K-Kountry 95 for the past 20 years and if you don’t hear me on the radio then I am probably at the golf course.

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