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Apr. 1- Grant Shrable-Thayer
Apr. 2- Dustin Griffin-Kosh
Apr. 3- Jordan Woods-Thayer
Apr. 4- Adrian/Julian Miller-Thayer
Apr. 5- Haley Abney-Salem
Apr .7- Brody Edwards-Franklin
Apr. 8- Stone Peterson-West Plains
Apr. 9- Nicole Cochran M.  Spring
Apr.10 Amanda Bean West Plains
Apr.11 Kelsey Cunningham Alton
Apr 12 Wendy Donahue  Thayer
Apr 14 Baily Mills Mammoth Spring
Aprl 15 Bella Barr Rover
Apr 16 Ella Sacra Thayer
Apr 17 Cindy McCradic M.S
Apr 18 Kaitlynn Lowery Salem Ar
Apr 19 Jacob Lamply Brandsville
Apr 21 Tayla Duncan Summersville
Apr 22 Breezy Walters Kosh
Apr 23  Atley Woods  Gatewood
Apr 24 Jasmine Johnson  M.S.
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