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Birthday Bingo Winners

July 1-Chester Taylor-Alton
July 2-Jim Garrison-Myrtle
July 3-Trace Fuselier-Thayer
July 5-Cecil Rutledge Jr-Myrtle
July 7-Calvin Wallace-Koshkonong
July 8-Lula Waitts-Salem
July 9-Tinley Jones-Salem
July 10-Keeley Rogers-Thayer
July 11-Josh Parker-Mtn. Home
July 14-Jordyn Edwards-Alton
July 15-Chris Hall-Thayer
July 16-Korwin Mullins-Thayer
July 17-Jacob Haley-Mammoth Sprin
July 18-Jeffery Hawkins M.S.
July 21-Dawn Cubaugh-Mtn. View
July 22-Noah Holloway-Thayer
July 23-Ryan Parker-Couch
July 24-Dorothy Massey-Gatewood
July 25-Charm Chappa-Willow Springs

Two Minute Tradio

Two Minute Tradio, Thursday, 7-24-14
1.  For sale...1994 boat botor, rebuilt  $2500 417-505-0419
2.  For sale...Ginny Lynn cradle $65  Gun cabinet  $200  417-257-1174
3.  Wanting to buy a radio for the shop  625-3351
4.  For sale...3 month old Bulldog  573-351-8068
5.  For sale...2002 Ford van  $3500, Ford motor and transmission 417-778-6122
6.  For sale...5th wheel reece hitch $200  417-293-8639
7.  For sale...Australian Shepard puppies  417-938-4637
8.  Couple needing a baby crib, if you have one to donate  870-847-3187
9.  Yard sale...Fri and Sat behind O'reilly in Mammoth Spring, wanting to buy a mini-van  870-270-3722 

Two Minute Tradio

Two Minute Tradio, Friday, 7-25-14
1.  For sale...Farm-all Tractor $1800   417-274-2889 or 417-778-6295
2.  For sale...1978 F-250 Pick-up  $2,000  417-372-3329
3.  Wnating to buy a camping trailer  870-751-0165
4.  For sale...Outside Wood Burning furnace $500  Pot Belly Stove $100  417-270-7418
5.  Looking for a 3pt back-hoe attachment for a tractor  417-247-0946
Current Time:  03:32pm, 07/25/14