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Glass Sword/Harps Birthday Bingo winners for August 2014

August 1-Tyler Mullins-MS
August 4-Darlene Coins-Crews-Rover
August 5-Kalon Honeycutte-Alton
August 6-Alexander Mercer-Alton
August 7-Ashley Cancino-M. Spring
August 8-Linda Presley-Poplar Bluff
August 11-Jeremiah Ingram-Gatewood
August 12-Roger Shaw-Thomasville
August 13-Jade Underwood-Thayer
August 14-Kayla Wallace-H.  Bend
August 15-Kay Elliott-Birch Tree
August 18-Clair Cosby-Glencoe Ar.
August 19-Jordan Gower-Thayer
August 20-Kylie Hedden-Thayer
August 21-Missy Jo Johnson-Alton
August 22-Lori Nall-Nixa

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EEO Report 2013

It is the policy of E-Communications LLC., Radio Stations KAMS, KALM, KHOM and KBMV to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or sex in all personnel actions including recruitment, evaluation, selection, promotion, compensation, training and termination. KHOM and KBMV were added to the E-Communications Group on August 1, 2013 as a result their purchase from Diamond Media.
It is also our policy to promote the realization of equal employment opportunity through positive, continuing programs of specific practices designed to insure the full realization of equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or sex.
To make this policy effective, and to ensure conformance with the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, we have adopted an Equal Employment Opportunity Program, which was instated effective March 10, 2003.  A full description of pertinent job openings and recruitment procedures may be found in our public file.
For the period October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013, KAMS/KALM/KHOM/KBMV had four full time employment hires and exigent circumstances where one full time position was filled. Full time hires included one Assistant News Director, two Sales Representatives, one Program Director and a Station Manager position.
There were a total of seven applicants for Assistant News Director, 4 from on-air advertising on E-Communications, two from West Plains Daily Quill ads and one from Area Wide Media advertising. One applicant was hired to start January 1, 2013.
There were a total of eight applicants for Sales Representative. Two individuals were hired from the applicants who applied. Five employment applications were received as a result of E-Communications on-air ads, 2 from current employee referrals and one from Area Wide Media ads. One position was filled on June 20, 2013 and the second August 1, 2013.
The position of Station Manager was an internal promotion June 1, 2013. The position of Program Director was filled August 1, 2013, due to a distress situation in the management and programming profile for E-Communications. The reason for the extenuating circumstances and need to hire immediately was directly related to extenuating circumstances at the time. 
When stations KAMS/KALM/KHOM/KBMV are searching for prospective employees, sources of recruitment include:
Arkansas Broadcasters Association
2024 Arkansas Drive, Suite 403
Little Rock, AR 72212
501-227-7564 (office)/(fax) 501-223-9798/800-844-3216
Arkansas State University
P. O. Box 540
State University, AR
Radio & TV Department   Ann Murray 800-382-3030/870-972-3361
Southwest Baptist University
162 East First Street
Mtn. View, MO 65548
Larry Price  417-934-2999
Broadcast Center
2360 Hampton
St. Louis, MO  63139
Kara Savio 314-647-8181 ph./314-647-1575 fax 
Missouri State University-West Plains
Career Center, 128 Garfield
West Plains, MO  65775
 417-255-7230    Alice Smith
West Plains Daily Quill
125 North Jefferson
West Plains, MO 65775 
Ad Sales/Classified 417-256-9191
Area Wide Media
P. O. Box 248
Salem, AR 72576
870-856-2582   Local 417-264-3814
E-Comm Online Employment Network
Web Based Internet Employment Network
Hometown Employment Network
E-Communications LLC
Radio Stations KAMS & KALM
P. O. Box 15
Thayer, MO 65791
417-264-7211 and
During the period October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013, E-Communications LLC, Radio Station KAMS/KALM/KHOM/KBMV participated in several outreach activities
  1. Participated as a member of the Missouri Broadcasters Association to improve awareness of radio employment opportunities.
  2. Management training programs have been held to educate managers in regard to hiring and outreach activities.
  1. Set up an information booth at South Central Home Builders Association Show on March 2-3, 2013 to provide employment information.  Booth was manned by employees and managers for two days at West Plains Civic Center.
  2. Participated as a member of the Arkansas Broadcasters Association to provide awareness of broadcasting careers.
  3. E-Communications participated in a job fair at Missouri State University-West Plains on September 26, 2013 and interacted with students and interested persons in regard to careers in radio.
  4. CEO Robert Eckman serves on several community boards to keep a pulse on the needs of our area and prospective job candidates.  Eckman serves on the board of the Thayer Area Chamber of Commerce, The Thayer Community Betterment Association, The Development Board at Missouri State University in West Plains, The Advisory Council for Capital Campaigns at Ozarks Medical Center in West Plains, MO, The Advisory Board to the Communications Department at Arkansas State University, and a member of the Church Council at Thayer First Baptist Church.
If your organization distributes information about employment opportunities to job seekers, or refers those looking for jobs to employers, and you would like to receive job vacancy information from E-Communications, LLC, please provide us with your name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone, fax number and individual contact information. Please send contact information to


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