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Mike Robertson

Circle C Birthday Bingo

   WINNERS for -Nov. 2015
Nov. 2-Ben Wheeler-Thayer
Nov. 3-Jaclyn Norberg-West Plains
Nov. 4-Christina Blevins-West Plains
Nov. 5-Daniel Tyson-Mammoth Spring
Nov. 6-Abbey Garrison-Myrtle
Nov. 9-Ron Campbell-Alton
Nov. 10-Lori Holesapple-West Plains
Nov. 11-Tobias Tilman-Thayer
Nov. 12-Rick Johnson- West Plains
Nov. 13-Riley Barton-Alton
Nov. 16 Gracen Woods-Gatewood
Nov. 17-Amber Smith-Mammoth Spring
Nov. 18-Hurley Cowen-Fryatt
Nov 19-Calli Watts-West Plains
Nov 20-Hannah Wigger-Rover
Nov. 23-Jeff Lovan-Willow Springs
Nov. 24-Jeanete Shockey-West Plains
Niov. 25-Giva Deckard-Alton
Nov. 27-Jim Bell-Bardley

Welcome to the K-Kountry 95 Staff page!

Here you will find a list of our On Air Staff along with their bio links.  Find out about their shows and possibily some fun interesting facts or well...whatever they made up.  Go ahead check them out and don't forget to click on their bio links!

Andrew Eckman

My name is Andrew Eckman.  You can hear me every Sunday morning from 6am until 12 noon for the best in Southern Gospel on the "Spirit of Country" here on K-Kountry 95.  You can also hear Mike Crase and me on friday nights announcing the Thayer Bobcat football team here on K-Kountry 95. I am also currently working at Bakersfield, Mo high School as the High School Head Boys Basketball coach.
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Mike Robertson

I’m Mike Robertson, News and Progam director for K-Kountry 95 and AM1290 The Gift, you will also hear me doing Play-by-Play Basketball on K-Kountry 95 and I host your Hour of information on AM1290 the gift. I have worked for K-Kountry 95 for the past 20 years and if you don’t hear me on the radio then I am probably at the golf course.

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Mike Crase Bio

I was born a long time ago, so they tell me, I don’t remember it much, but it was in Centerville Ill.  I spent most of my childhood growing up in the St Louis area and graduated from Cahokia High School in 1979. After a failed year in college, I married Nina McKenzie. Join me weekday afternoons for the Redbone show and Saturday mornings 6 to noon.  Oh yes, I do play by play sports.  I've been doing that for 30 years.  "Till next time, have a good time".  Send me an email. or join me on facebook.

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Mark Martin

I started in radio at this station back in high school around 1980.  That's when we actually played records.  Monica and I got married in 1984 and moved to Springfield where I worked at a station there. Then it was on to Kansas City and WDAF 61 Country before moving back home to Thayer in 1997.   I do quite a bit of commercial work around the country and on TV so if you hear someone on TV or a radio commercial somewhere and you think, "That sounds like Mark"....well, it might just be.

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