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Glass Sword Birthday Bingo

Birthday Bingo Winners-September
1st-Tina Bettis-Highland
2nd-Ricky Massey-Doniphan
6th-Alex Thomas-Alton
7th-John Powell-Alton
8th-Jason Stubbs-Alton
9th-Sherman Garrison-Myrtle
12th-Lillia Bennet-Pocahontas
13th-Stacey Cowan-Koshkonong
14th-Jace Reese-Alton
15th-Heidi Sisco-Alton
16th-Curtis Humphries-Hardy
19th-Sara Morris-Thayer
20th-BLake Kyle-Winona
21st-Alicia Bettis-Peace Valley
22nd-Ivy Williams-Bilmore
23rd-Jacklyn Pankey-Alton
27th-Brian Martin-Thayer
28th-Carol McDonald-Thayer
29th-Toni Husky-Mammoth Spring
30th-Adyson Traver-Thayer


Your Kansas City Chiefs connection in this region is made possible by your area Shelter Insurance Agents-Roger Foley, Bill Hutchings, Norm Hollis, Dave Thomas and Terry Newton and by River Country Chevrolet in Thayer, Thayer Decorating, Wehr Ford and R.V. of Mt. Grove, Dominos Pizza of West Plains, Current Incorporated of West Plains as well as Countryside Chevrolet and Current River Ford both of Doniphan.
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