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Rick Harris

October Birthday Bingo Winners

Birthday Bingo Winners-Oct.
3rd-Megan Collins-Thayer
4th-Arnold Stubbs-West Plains
5th-Roy Rudd-Alton
6th-Fern Goodwin-Winona
7th-Melissa Hamilton-Doniphan
10th-Colin Powell-Mammoth Spring
11th-Jean Clark-Byron
12th-Brent Humphries-West Plains
13th-Bobby Roberts-West Plains
14th-Janice Collins-Mammoth Spring
17th-Russell Sacra-Thayer
18th-Cyndi McGrath-West Plains
19th-Rachel Luster-Couch
20th-Virginia Childers-West Plains
21st-Britney Komm-Myrtle
24th-Parker Crowder-Couch
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