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Birthday Bingo Winners

Birthday Bingo Winners-October 2015

Oct. 1-Theresa Beavers-West Plain
Oct. 2-Emily Sky Rutledge-Birch Tree
Oct. 5- Courtney Combs-Alton
Oct. 6-Mattie Hedden-Mtn. View
Oct. 7-Kelly Revelle-Koshkonong
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Sean Austin Bio

The history of Sean Austin?

I don’t’ have a whole lot of history to talk about. I was born and raised in West Plains. I graduated from West Plains High School. A lot of you may know me as Darin Riley.  Sean Austin just sounds cool, I guess?  I started in radio in 1999 and here I am.  I have a wife and 2 kids, but I really like 1967 to 1972 Chevrolet trucks. I love my wife and kids though.  I am working on a 1972 short bed right now and probably will be till 2020. You can hear me on K-Kountry 95 weekday afternoons 2 till 6. That's the history of Sean Austin. Thanks and have a good day.  Call me or email me sometime.  I’d love to talk!

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